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For many years Carding managers and engineers have come to rely on our products, ensuring that their machinery will be fitted with quality, hard working spare parts. Our range includes the following:

We also supply a range of synthetic Condenser rub aprons with plain or grooved surfaces suitable for all fibres, rubber free ends also available. Condenser tapes in a selection of qualities manufactured to the highest possible standards to ensure consistant tape length, width and thickness to give excellent precise division of web. Highly resistant to spinning oils. Condenser bobbins also supplied.

Transmission drive belts - Quality chrome leather/nylon flat belt power transmission products where oils and greases are prevalent or rubber/nylon products, ideal for the various flat belt drives on carding machinery.

PU & PVC Conveyor belts - Ideal for textile conveyors, supplied open ended, prepared endless, vulcanised endless or endless with fastener. We can also offer belts with various profiles and buttons attached. On site fitting service also available.

Oak tanned leather belting - 100% leather (pre stretched) still available in various widths and thicknesses, round section leather in different diameters also supplied. A range of belt fasteners can also be offered

Elasticated carding bands - Manufactured to required lengths in a selection of diameters.

Punched 'V' belting - Various sections available with fasteners

Round section belting - Solid and tubular sections in a variety of diameters. Welding kits also supplied.

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