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We offer a wide selection of conveyor and drive/transfer belts for use in various applications around the world such as the food industry, textiles including non wovens, paper making, packaging and allied industries etc. Our conveyor range includes products with various strengths and conveying/driving surfaces as well as different running side faces. Our Walker belt range includes PU, PVC, silicone, nitrile rubber, polypropylene, polyethylene, rubber, elastomer, felt, polyester and cotton conveying surfaces. Profiles can be fitted using the latest technology to make belts flighted and/or sidewalled as well as a selection of 'V' guides to the underside for tracking purposes. An on site fitting service is available.

Our range of flat belt transmission products is equal to any task. We can offer tangential drive belts and spindle tapes for textile spinning and twisting machinery, along with a range of machine tapes in addition to general flat belt driving applications. We offer products manufactured with chrome leather, rubber, elastomer and fabric covers with different tensile members to ensure a suitable belt strength.

For high precison drives, we can offer the truly endless Esband range of belts. These drive belts ensure that your production processes run smoothly, delivering precise, reliable tracking and low noise and vibration levels throughout their long service life. Each belt displays uniform elongation, tensile strength and thickness along its entire length, with no weak spots. That is why our belts are always to be found where conventional solutions fail: where the flexing radii are lowest or where there is frequently flexing on reverse bends. Esband spindle tapes for the textile industry are designed for the smallest flexing radii and high tape speeds.

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